Breaking Them In

Content Notes: Dubious consent, lots of creepy implications about the Lukas family.

"So," Peter Lukas says, unable to hide his deep dismay as he sits on James's bed. "We are to-?"

The young man falls silent, biting his lip. James hides a smile; Peter isn't the first reluctant Lukas to end up in Jonah Magnus's bedroom, but James thinks he might like him better than he has liked most of them. Peter is stoic, a little awkward with his long limbs and lanky frame, not quite fitting into his own body yet. James can sympathize with that to a point, but it won't stop him from proceeding with their business.

"Yes, your father hopes that I will take your virginity tonight." James could have restrained his hunger just a little bit, but he lets it fill his voice, change its timbre into something warm from the previous cool tones. Peter shudders, turning his face away from James, who allows himself to smile this time. "It doesn't have to be unpleasant for you."

Peter scoffs. "How can it not be? I'm not here because I want to be."

"See, that's a lie." James has been merciful enough to not touch Peter so far, but now he reaches out and rests a hand on his knee, drawing a flinch from him. "You could have stayed away, but you chose to come here by your own free will."

"Because of my family," Peter insists.

"It was your choice nevertheless." James drags his hand up to Peter's thigh, squeezing the muscle there. "It doesn't really matter to me: I will get what I want either way. But you will enjoy yourself much better if you allow yourself to be honest."

Peter is staring at James hand, still shivering underneath his touch. When he looks at James, he looks hesitant.

"I want to serve my god," he says. "If this helps with that, I'll do it."

Hearing that goes straight to James's cock. Oh, this one will be a delight.

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