Fic That Isn't At AO3

This is the page for fic that isn't available at AO3! Will contain mostly Twitter and Tumblr stuff. Detailed content notes will be listed inside the fic.

Fic From Tumblr

Valued Employee
Elias calls Melanie after mind-raping her. Elias/Melanie ficlet, dark, SFW.

Star-Making Role
Elias has Daisy star in a video. Elias/Daisy ficlet, dark, NSFW.

You've Got This Thing
Tim and Melanie like it rough. Tim/Melanie ficlet, NSFW.

Fic From Twitter

Drifting Pupil
Elias takes care of the Pupil of the Eye. Jon/Elias, dark, NSFW.

Sense of Place
Jon is part of the wall. Jon/Michael, dark, NSFW.

Final Gift
Annabelle and Jon come to a deal at Hilltop Road. Jon/spiders, dark, NSFW.

Family Ideation
Martin is always surprised by Peter's passion. Peter/Martin, NSFW.

Improving Relations
Elias decides to bring Jon and Tim together again. Elias/Jon/Tim, dark, NSFW.

The Honors
Peter has his pets collar each other. Peter/Jon/Martin, NSFW.

Putting On A Show
Tim and Melanie rebel at the Archives, but Elias likes it. Tim/Melanie/Elias, NSFW.

Improper Behaviour
Jon comes to register a complaint about his ruined clothes. Jon/Elias, NSFW.

Tim loves it when Danny is jealous. Tim/OMC, Tim/Danny, NSFW.

In and Out
Elias hypnotizes Jon with a statement. Jon/Elias, dark, NSFW.

Lovely Display
Peter has Martin dressed up. Peter/Martin, dark, NSFW.

Michael makes a mess of Jon's flat, and of Jon. Jon/Michael, dark, NSFW.

Wicked Games
Elias represents Peter the person he wants: Evan. Elias/Peter/Evan, dark, NSFW.

Something Amiss
Something is wrong with Peter. Peter/Martin.

Tiny Treasures
Peter plays with his little captives. Peter/Martin/Jon, dark, NSFW.

Tiny Treasures
Peter plays with his little captives. Peter/Martin/Jon, dark, NSFW.

Late-Night Snack
Danny enjoys himself with sleeping Tim. Danny/Tim, dark, NSFW.

Growing Pains
There is nothing Martin can do but let the wings grow. Simon/Martin/Jon, dark, NSFW.

Come Undone
Jon has an unfortunate encounter with an artifact that makes his clothes unravel. Jon solo, NSFW.

Breaking Them In
James Wright has yet another Lukas to break in. James Wright/Peter, dark, NSFW.

Restless Dreams
Peter sneaks on sleeping Martin. Peter/Martin, dark, NSFW.

Matter of Payment
Simon gives a lift to young Peter. Simon/Peter, dark. Hosted off-site.

Other Fic

Heart Into A Tomb - Extra
An extra for my fic Heart Into A Tomb. Danny/Tim, dark, NSFW.

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