Late-Night Snack

Content Notes: NSFW, incest, somno, noncon.

Once Danny's mouth sinks down on Tim's cock, it takes all Danny's will power not to moan out loud. He clutches his throat to keep the sound in, feeling as Tim throbs between his lips, so lively, so warm. He loves how Tim's girth stretches his lips wide open, he loves the weight of it on his tongue, its taste, its smell. For a moment, all he does is hold it there in his mouth, his own cock throbbing hard between his legs.

In his bliss, Danny closed his eyes; he opens them now to look at Tim, checking that he's still asleep. Tim has his arm slung over his face, making it hard for Danny to see his expression, but the rise and fall of his chest is steady, and that is good enough for Danny. Smiling around his brother's cock, Danny curls his fingers around the root of Tim's shaft and starts to suck.

He takes it slow, letting his mouth fill with Tim, caressing him thoroughly with his tongue. He cups himself through his boxers, rubbing as he sucks his brother's cock, as he worships him with his mouth, glancing over at Tim's face every now and then to keep track of his sleep. Tim slumbers on, but his breathing gets faster, his nipples stiffening into hard little peaks as his lips fall open, as he begins to pant. Danny drags his mouth up and down along Tim' cock, taking him a little deeper in each time, his own arousal growing heavier.

When Tim begins to grunt in his sleep, Danny withdraws up on Tim's shaft until only the head is in his mouth, holding it between his lips, flicking the tip of his tongue against the tiny slit on the tip as he strokes Tim's shaft. He keeps his eyes wide open, staring at Tim's face as Tim moans, as Tim's hips buck.

Tim's spunk splatters on his tongue, hot and salty. Tim moans, his eyelashes fluttering fast, but his eyes remain closed, and he falls slack on the bed.

Danny stays there for a while, holding Tim between his lips, in his hand. Reluctantly, he lets the head slip out from between his lips and the softening prick from between his fingers, swallowing the semen in his mouth.

He could do this every night, and he will.

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