Wicked Games

Content Notes: NSFW, noncon, incest.

"Elias," Peter says. "Do you think I'm a fool?"

The sight before Peter is straight out of his dreams: Evan lies splayed on Peter's bed, bare and vulnerable, asleep; he is beautiful, helpless, and most of all available, and Peter wants nothing more than to run his hands all over him, feel that soft, familiar skin.

He knows it's a bait that he's looking at, and that this must mean that he is the prey. That leaves only one role for Elias.

"I think you know the answer to that," Elias replies, teasing. He stands behind Peter, his hands resting on Peter's shoulders, so light Peter could pretend they aren't there at all. "But don't worry about that, Peter. I have brought you what you want. You should feel free to indulge yourself."

Peter stares at Evan, at the slow rise and fall of his chest, at the soft pink nipples hardened by the coolness of the room. He wants to cup Evan's soft cheek, run his fingertips down to his long neck, to his sternum, to his belly.

"And what do you want in exchange?" he asks, even though he steps away from Elias's reach, towards the bed. He could seek out a blanket and cover Evan up, hide him from Elias's prying eyes. He could try to protect what he considers his.

"Just your time." Elias's voice is low, almost like a purr. "If you aren't interested, there will be other takers."

Except apparently, this is exactly what he must do to achieve that.

So Peter takes another step, even as Evan starts to frown, to stir. This isn't how Peter wanted Evan's first time to go either, but they will have to take what they have been given.

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