Heart Into A Tomb - Extra

Content Notes: NSFW, implied captivity and rape, incest.
Words used for Tim's anatomy: hole.

"It's all gonna be okay," Danny whispers.

Tim wants to believe that so much. Tonight, he and Danny have been allowed to spend the night together, and Danny is spooning Tim from behind in the bed. Danny is so tall now, so strong. In his arms, it's easy to pretend that everything is already all right, that nothing is horribly wrong about their lives.

Danny's erection is pressing up against Tim's arse, but Tim says nothing of it. Is it any wonder that being close to someone makes Danny react like this, given all the fucked up shit he has been exposed to? The least Tim can do is not shame him for it.

"Tell me about it," Tim whispers back. "What do you want to do when it's all over?"

Tim doesn't ponder about the question himself; the future is such an abstract concept to him now, it feels unreal. But Danny should, by all means, still have all kinds of hopes and dreams, and Tim will make him think about them. Danny says nothing first, resting his face into Tim's hair.

"Lots of things, I guess. Climb a mountain, maybe? I've always wanted to learn how to sail." Danny squeezes Tim a little tighter against himself, which makes Tim groan; John was quite excited earlier in the evening, fucking him hard in every hole. But he keeps his winces to himself, making himself smile even though Danny can't see it.

"You and the ocean make a great match," Tim says. He likes the idea of Danny out on the sea, enjoying its silence and the wind in his hair, the freedom. "That's something to consider for sure."

Danny shivers, hugging Tim even tighter.

"I wouldn't want to do it without you," he utters.

Tim is aching all over, but the hurt in his body doesn't compare to the hollowness that fills his chest, his heart. Biting his lip, he reaches behind to stroke Danny's cheek, the slight stubble on it tickling his palm.

"You deserve a future, Danny. Don't let yourself forget that."

He wants to add, 'without me', but he knows it won't be heard. Instead, he keeps stroking Danny's face until Danny reaches up to grasp him by his wrist, holding his hand still.

"You do too," Danny says. "I will give it back to you, I promise."

Danny presses his lips against Tim's palm, twice before letting Tim's hand go and returning his arm around Tim's waist.

They settle back into silence, Danny still behind Tim, still holding him. Tim starts to drift off, and is halfway asleep when he feels Danny start grinding against his arse, slow but with purpose.

Tim lets him.

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