Come Undone

Content Notes: NSFW, exhibitionism.
Words used for Martin's anatomy: chest, nipples.

The package is unassuming as it arrives in the mail. The contents are even more so, simply containing a piece of thread and needle sealed inside a small plastic case, and for a moment Jon wonders if someone is playing a very elaborate prank on him. Then he makes the mistake of opening the case.

That isn't harmful on its own; he also isn't stupid enough to touch the needle. He does, however, pick up the piece of thread, and that's what starts it: he feels it as his own clothes begin to shift on him, the movement of fabric against his skin prompting him to drop the thread. It doesn't stop the movement; he doesn't understand what is happening until he hears the buttons of his shirt drop down on the floor, and realizes that his clothes are unraveling right in front of his eyes.


Hastily, he picks up the thread and seals it back into the case, but it's too late; his clothes continue to unravel, falling apart right on top of him despite his attempts to hold them together. Even his shoes come apart, collapsing around his feet as tring and thread start to pool up on the floor, baring him entirely. Jon clasps his thighs together, his face burning up as he's left standing naked in his office.

"Oh my god." Jon can feel his breathing getting faster, deep nausea washing through his body. He ducks down behind his desk, shaking as he stares down at his nudity, embarrased of how his nipples poke out from his chest. As if this situation is exciting for him! He takes in a deep breath, trying to clear up his panicking brain.

A groan escapes him when he hears the door open.

"Jon?" Elias calls out, his shoes creaking as he walks in. "Are you here? I thought this would be a good time for us to chat about how you have been doing as an Archivist so far."

Of course it has to be Elias! Jon closes his eyes tight, trying not to lose it.

"Jon?" He can hear Elais pace forward, and when he opens his eyes again and looks up, he sees Elias leaning over the desk, staring at him with wide eyes. "Oh dear."

"Hello." Jon grits his teeth, but he forces a smile, even though he wants to die. "I- I seem to have had an accident."

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