Family Ideation

Content Notes: Set during S4. NSFW, breeding kink.
Words used for Martin's anatomy: cunt.

Martin never quite expects Peter's passion. It's always a surprise how rough Peter is when he grabs him, how he slams air out of Martin as he pins him against the nearest surface, and it's like once he starts, he can't stop kissing or touching Martin. It's as if he's starving, like he has never been touched in his life, and who knows, it could be true. Martin has read about the Lukas family; it's not known for its affection.

"I think I want to fill you with my children," Peter whispers into his ear, slamming hard inside him.

Martin knows about the Lukases, and therefore he isn't happy to hear things like that. His body feels otherwise, however, his cunt tightening around Peter's cock as they rut in Martin's bed together, Martin's arms around Peter's neck, Peter's beard scratching his cheek.

"I wouldn't be much of a father," Martin says, lifting his legs around Peter's waist. He clutches him tight, pulling him even deeper inside him, and Peter moans and thrusts harder, burying his face into Martin's neck.

"I can't stop thinking about it, how you would look like. How big you would be, my God, Martin." Peter slides a hand between their bodies, stroking the curve of Martin's belly. "My seed growing in here, Martin. Think of how lovely it would be."

Peter's cock jerks inside him, the twitch followed by the rush of something wet and warm inside Martin. Martin's toes curl at the sensation, his teeth digging into his lower lip as he holds tighter onto Peter.

"It wouldn't," he claims.

But he thinks of himself, heavy and swollen, claimed, and it doesn't take him much more to come.

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