Improper Behaviour

Content Notes: Set during S1. NSFW, exhibitionism, humiliation.
Words used for Jon's anatomy: chest, nipples.

Jon barges into Elias's office, holding a folder in front of his chest. "I would like to report a complaint," he says, voice sharp, preparing to shut the door behind him.

"If you'd please leave that open, the air needs to move," Elias says, ignoring as Jon flinches. "Sit down. What's the problem?"

Jon glares at the door, obviously unhappy about having to leave it open. But he gives in, walking over to Elias's desk and sitting down on the chair in front of it, a flush creeping on his cheeks.

"I had to do some digging in the Archives, and had to use the shower room afterwards," he mutters, not meeting Elias's eyes. "Apparently, someone saw fit to sabotage my clothes while I was gone. My shirt and undergarments are ruined." Jon's flush grows deeper, barely able to lift his gaze so he can finally face Elias. "I don't have any replacements."

Elias smiles. "Is it really so bad? Show me."

Jon is entirely dark in the face by now, and for a moment he can't do anything, just staring at Elias in devastation. But slowly, he moves the folder to the side, looking down as he shows Elias his torn shirt, his ruined binder. Elias stares at his bare chest, watching it heave as Jon's breathing quickens.

"Yes, they did do quite a bit of damage, didn't they?" Elias stands up behind his desk, walking behind Jon, who starts to stutter:

"W-what are y-you-?"

Elias leans over Jon, shoving his hands inside his tattered clothes, cupping his chest. Jon gasps, his entire body tensing up, his nipples stiffening against Elias's palms.

"I think you protest too much, however. Look how excited you are, Jon. Were you wet when you came into this room?" Elias squeezes, making Jon gasp again. "I think you were."

"T-this isn't-"

Elias grasps Jon's nipples, pinching them. Jon cries out, back arching against the chair. He doesn't try to move away, which makes Elias smile wider.

"I think it's you who is misbehaving here. You could have called someone down there with clothes, insteady you chose to walk all over here, exposing yourself to many. I can't let that stand." Elias massages Jon's nipples between his fingers, bringing his mouth to his ear. "You need to be punished, Jon."

Jon could protest, scream, walk away. He moans.

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