In and Out

Content Notes: Set during S1. NSFW, noncon, hypnotism.

"Statement of Jason Mansfield, regarding a series of appointments with a hypnotist-"

In his office, watching Jon through the Eye, Elias waits for Jon to get started, to sink into the statement, before standing up from his chair and leaving his office. He takes his time walking over to the Archives; there is no hurry, after all. Jon will be well under the statement's influence by the time he arrives.

"-in and out, in and out-"

Jon has been repeating that for quite a while by the time Elias reaches his door, knocking it for the sake of appearances before going inside. Jon sits by his desk, his face smooth and calm, his body slack and relaxed, his lips moving to the words 'in and out' over and over again as he stares blankly down at the statement. Elias smiles, closing the door carefully behind him.

Walking behind Jon, Elias leans down, breathing against Jon's cheek. When Jon fails to stir, continuing to repeat the words, Elias presses his nose into Jon's neck, inhaling deeply as he lets his hands roam, running them over Jon's chest and stomach, down to his slim thighs. He strokes them through Jon's trousers, kissing Jon's neck as Jon babbles on, voice growing softer with every murmur:

"-in and out, in and out-"

The words go on for few pages on the statement, giving Elias plenty of time to do what he wants. His own cock throbbing within his slacks, he unfastens Jon's trousers, rubbing his cheek against Jon's as he slips his hand inside, stroking Jon through his underwear while grasping Jon's throat, feeling it move as Jon speaks.

"-in and out, in and out-"

"In and out indeed, Jon," Elias whispers, and slides his hand underneath Jon's boxers.

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