Restless Dreams

Content Notes: NSFW, somno, noncom.
Words used for Martin's anatomy: chest, folds, cock.

Martin Blackwood couldn't look sweeter as he lies asleep on his own desk. Given the workloads Peter has been forcing on him, it's no wonder Martin is always so exhausted by the end of the day; it's to his credit that he always gets his work done nevertheless. If Peter was a decent boss, or at least a decent man, he would let Martin sleep at peace.

Peter sneaks into Martin's office, closing the door but not locking it as he walks over to Martin's desk. He starts out soft; he drapes himself over Martin's sleeping figure, sniffs and nuzzles his soft skin, breathes him in. He can't resist for long, however, snaking his hands underneath Martin's body so he can grope him through his clothes, squeezing his generous belly, the soft swells of his chest. Peter is breathing hard by the time he unfastens Martin's trousers and shoves a hand inside, his cock twitching softly as he slides his hand underneath Martin's boxers.

He strokes his fingertips over Martin's soft, delicate folds, massages his plump cock. He presses his cheek against Martin's, enjoying the softness of Martin as he manipulates his body, coaxing him to go wet. Once Martin is breathing fast as well, whimpering in his sleep every now and then, Peter slides a finger inside him, biting his lip over how tight Martin is. He wonders if Martin has ever had a cock inside him. He wonders if Martin wants one there.

Peter would be so, so happy to oblige.

But for now, Peter holds his finger inside Martin, sliding it slowly back and forth within him as he rubs Martin's cock with his thumb, feeling as it throbs faster and faster. His own cock stands rigid within his trousers by the time Martin starts to spasm around his finger, gasping as he comes.

Yet, he remains asleep.

Kissing Martin on the cheek, Peter withdraws from him, leaving Martin's trousers undone. He stares at his gleaming finger, taking it into his mouth and sucking it clean, his eyes closing as his tongue soaks in Martin's taste.

Hours later, Martin wonders about his state of undress, if it's a cruel prank, if it's something even worse. He makes sure to lock his door from there on.

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